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We understand the difficulty of loading up your pet and taking it to the vet. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Bailey decided to offer in-home veterinary services. Pets can often become stressed and show signs of fear, which can inhibit our ability to perform and interpret a physical exam. That is why in-home care will help your pet stay calm as Dr. Bailey performs the checkup. Give Dr. Bailey a call to set up your next in-home consultation and service. Your happy pet will thank you!

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Immunization and Wellness Exams

We can help your pet stay healthy and free of many common illnesses and diseases

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Heartworm Tests

Do you think your pet is sick? We have a full service laboratory available to run any needed diagnostic test on your pet.

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Vaccines and Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine and vaccines are an important part of your pet's overall health and prevent many deadly diseases.

Dermatological evaluations

We know how to keep your pet's fur and skin healthy and free of common issues.

routine and diagnostic blood work

We offer a variety of different blood work services. Please call us if you feel your pet might need blood work done.

Other issues not listed?

Please give us a call so that we can recommend the best way to proceed in making your loved one feel better.


Dr. Bailey is a firm advocate of having your senior dog or cat be able to spend their golden years as free of pain and stress as possible. Often it is difficult for both the parent and the senior pet to go to the veterinary office. Dr. Bailey is well versed in pain management as well as home therapies to make your senior pet's time as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

minor illnesses

Pets can sometimes feel under the weather. If you feel your pet might be suffering from an illness please give us a call so we can help them feel better.


In-Home euthanasia

We offer in-home euthanasia so that your pet can feel safe and secure as they pass away by being in their most natural habitat, their home. Family and loved ones can all be present to say goodbye to their friend.

cremation services

To go along with the passing of your loved one, Tobias Veterinary Services also offers cremation services if needed.



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Hospital Services

In the event that your pet needs x-rays, surgery or hospitalization, Dr. Bailey has partnered with Town & Country Veterinarians in Gainesville to provide these services. Should your pet need more advanced diagnostics and care, Dr. Bailey refers these patients to Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, also in Gainesville.

Spay and Neuter Program

We all need to help prevent animals that will have a difficult time finding a loving home from entering this world. Please help by spaying and neutering your pet. Dr. Bailey can recommend a spay and neuter program that fits your location and budget.

Mobile Grooming

Doggie Styles Grooming & Pet Sitting, is focused on providing quality grooming and pet sitting services in a mobile environment minimizing the stress to your pet.cropped dogge styles grooming 12 logo